HUMOROUS BOOKS for Youth and Adults

“Meaningless Sense”

My primary purpose for writing “Meaningless Sense” was to make people laugh, and most of the time the desired effect was achieved.  I also believe that reading words that don’t make any sense will help clarify the real truth when it is read.  "Meaningless Sense" contains 1,001 meaningless statement, and is 125 pages in length.      



You could be one of the special people on this planet that can really understand the understandings of things that should and must be understood by only a few people who will ever understand anything that could be understood. 

Only a few individuals will take the risk and accept the challenge of exploring the unexpected hidden messages that might be contained in the treasured thoughts of a mind that is unable to express the combination of humorous words which cannot be explained. 


Please do not hesitate to continue on reading the remaining words on this page unless you are willing to truthfully answer the following most compelling and revealing questions. 

The 1,001 meaningless statements that are not intended to make any sense at all, but will hopefully make you laugh.


When to use “Meaningless Sense”     

When you need to laugh  

When you don’t want to laugh  

When you want to try to make someone laugh  

When you really want to irritate someone  

When your brain needs exercise  

When you want to exercise another person’s brain  

When you want to confuse someone who is trying to impress you  

When you want to confuse yourself  

When you can’t find anything else to read  

When you want to read the reflections of what is left of a brain that has taught for more than 30 years  


Suggestions if you find it difficult to laugh  

Pick another time of the day to read “Meaningless Sense”  

Try reading the statements backwards  

Try letting someone read “Meaningless Sense” to you  

Read “Meaningless Sense” to your pet  

Find someone to read “Meaningless Sense” back to you in another language  


None of the 1,001 “Meaningless Sense” statements in this book are meant to make any sense whatsoever, and, if by chance, one of them makes sense it was purely by accident. 

The “Meaningless Sense” statements are not truth or words to live by.  They are just words from a mind of someone who is often perplexed by the sheer emotion of subjugated values not determined to be valid by anyone who ever presumed to care about anything plausible. 

Finally, the sentences are not designed to be grammatically correct, whatever that means.