Part of My Story

By a humanoid sometimes called Gary Gazlay

I really struggled in school especially during my early years.  I remember elementary school and being placed in the lowest reading group and not being able to comprehend what I just read.  I remember not being able to spell or understanding language arts and having to be tutored.  I always felt embarrassed when I was asked to read something out loud in front of the class and I really felt like I was stupid and something was wrong with me. 

Even though I had a difficult time in reading and expressing myself in words, I had the ability to use vocabulary words to make up sentences and phrases that didn’t make any sense at all.   I would place them on greeting cards and even wrote a book.  To my surprise I found that my inadequacies expressed in a different way actually made people laugh (especially my wife) when they tried to figure out what they were reading.  I would tell them that the reading of the phrases actually was making them smarter by exercising their brain.

All of the books that I have written, were birthed from my childhood experiences and challenges. The books developed for children were created as a tool to help kids read, and hopefully bring smiles to all of their precious faces. The other books were written to hopefully make people laugh.