The five set series of children’s books: “Do You Know?”, “Did You Know?”, “Don’t You Know?”, “Didn’t You Know?”, “Should You Know?”, were written as an attempt to assist children in a specific area of reading - fluency.  They provide the reader the opportunity to read new sight words multiple times.  Research shows that the ability to read words by sight automatically is the key to skilled reading (Ehri, 1998).  None of the sentences are intended to make any sense whatsoever, and hopefully will be enjoyable to read and make children laugh.  All five books in the series use sight words from various words list. 

Teachers and parents can use the word lists that are included in the books to practice word recognition and fluency daily with the child.  I hope that these books will also encourage children to never give up no matter what challenges faces them – especially when faced with “really big words”.

DO YOU KNOW? - (Sample Pages)

DID YOU KNOW? - (Sample Pages)